Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fabrick-Andrew Post


Andrew Post

Medallion, Nov 1 2013, $9.99

ISBN 9781605425016

In Geyser, teenager Clyde felt safe and secure while working for Mr. Wilkshire at the latter’s chateau. That ends during tea when a vicious assault leaves his master dead. Before dying Wilkshire tells terrorized Clyde to “run”, which he obeys by hiding in the basement for weeks. He remains frightened, but also feels remorse for deserting his only friend, lost without his mentor and needing revenge by killing the killer, but Clyde has no idea how.

After the animal-looking Flam the scavenging Mouflon arrives at the chateau, a confused Clyde leaves his hiding place. As the pair departs from Clyde’s haven, he wanders in a constant state of bewilderment while meeting Nevele the royal “Stitcher” and Rohm the sentient frisk mice group. As they trek the feral streets of Geyser, two revelations occur. First that Clyde is a Fabrick who has the ability to lessen the guilty conscience of a confessor at the cost of reducing proportionately the individual’s good fortune quotient. Second they find the streets filled with blood and gore as war rips the city.

This is an entertaining exciting science fiction thriller that on the surface will remind readers of Dorothy’s early trek in Oz as Clyde picks up as comrades strange sentient beings. The fearsome squad is fully developed as individuals from diverse species; while the beleaguered city enhances the journey. Although too many subplots slow down the pacing of the action-packed twisting storyline, fans, especially older tweeners and younger teens, will enjoy Clyde’s coming out escapades.

Harriet Klausner

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