Friday, November 1, 2013

Kiss Of Revenge-Debbie Viguie

Kiss Of Revenge

Debbie Viguie

Faith Words, Oct 29 2013, $6.00

ISBN: 9781455574247

With his evil minion obeying his bidding, Richelieu continues his quest for the holy relics that would enable him to use Christ’s blood to transform him into an all-powerful being. His prime adversaries, humans (cousins Susan and Wendy, and David) and vampires (Gabriel, Raphael and Paul) continue to oppose the malevolent wannabe deity.

Translating their twelfth century relative’s diary, Susan and Wendy learn what happened to their ancestors Carissa and Fleur who fought this same fight and they hope provides the method to win the war. A the same time Susan and Raphael no longer ignore their taboo attraction as both know the war is nearing an end.

The third Kiss Trilogy (see Kiss of Death and Kiss of Night) is an action-packed Christian good and evil vampire thriller. The numerous subplots tie up the major threads and contain neat spins like the origin of vampirism but also slow the pacing of the overall enjoyable storyline. The overarching theme that anyone even a vampire can be redeemed is reinforced as the sextet team up for the final battle against Richelieu.

Harriet Klausner

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