Saturday, November 2, 2013

Homespun Christmas-Aimee Thurlo

Homespun Christmas

Aimee Thurlo

Harlequin Heartwarming, Nov 1 2013, $5.99

Amazon Digital Services ASIN: B00D4MWFOA

Though the townsfolk have not announced the wake, Independence, New Mexico is dying. The town needs a new blood transfusion since IVA left turning Independence into an empty nest as the young go elsewhere, but no miracle seems likely to occur. Once the high school head cheerleader, Myka Solis is one of the few succeeding through her online craft business Wooly Dreams and her supply of Churro sheep.

Myka feels Independence can thrive as an arts center by transforming the vacated IVA factory. However, she also knows the only person who could make it happen is renowned architect Joshua Nez; once the town’s bad boy when he attended high school as his next door neighbor Myka did, but in different social circles. Arriving from San Francisco for Navaho father Adam’s funeral Myka asks him to help save their town. He still owns her first knit a blue sweater she gave him years ago so he agrees to help her, but insists Myka must lead the effort. As they work closely on the project, they fall in love; however, Myka feels Independence is her home while Josh seeks employment in Santa Fe.

Homespun Christmas is a warm romance due to a strong cast with a desperate need to save Independence. Although the storyline goes as expected, the delightful protagonists and the supporting townsfolk engage readers who wish for them a Christmas miracle. The background of a dying town adds depth to a wonderful holiday contemporary.

Harriet Klausner

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