Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Summer of Seduction-Candace Camp

A Summer of Seduction

Candace Camp

Pocket, Jun 19 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9781451639513

Aristocratic friends Alec Stafford and Gabriel Morecombe got into a brawl over the late Jocelyn who had been the former’s fiancée and the latter’s sister. Jocelyn left behind baby Ruth with Thea Bainbridge before she died. The father is not Alec but another friend (see A Winter Scandal). Married, Gabriel and Thea raise his nephew in a happy home.

Alec and Thea’s friend Widow Damaris Howard met during his estrangement with Gabe; but she remains an enigma to her neighbors in Chesley including her best friend. Damaris and Alec meet in London starting at the theater and their already strong attraction explodes. However, her past makes her know she must stay away from him and passion; while he still reels from his late fiancée’s infidelity with a close friend. Everything changes in an instant when an unknown predator abducts Damaris.

The second Legend of St. Dwynwen Regency romance is an enjoyable second chance at love tale. The storyline starts slow with a feeling out round as the lead couple wants to engage but their respective relationship histories make each fearful and too pensive over I’m Not In Love (10Cc). The plot accelerates somewhat late with the kidnapping. Fans will enjoy Alec and Damaris as neither wants love, but the heart fails to heed the brain.

Harriet Klausner

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