Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cottage By The Sea-Robin Jones Gunn

Cottage By The Sea

Robin Jones Gunn

Howard, Jul 3 2012, $14.99

ISBN: 9781416583455

In Southern California, BFFs Erin and Sharlene open up The Happiest Day wedding planning firm. Their first event is planning the wedding for Erin’s son Jordan and his fiancĂ©e, Sierra. However, their euphoria ends when Dolores, the second wife of Erin’s father, calls to tell that her septuagenarian dad Jack is hospitalized at a clinic after suffering a stroke.

Erin has not seen her dad since he married irritating Dolores eighteen months ago and moved to Hidden Cottage on the Oregon coast. She rushes up to see him before returning home once Jack seems to recover. When he has another stroke a few months later, Erin once again goes to Oregon while worrying she is not holding up her end of the partnership.

This character driven family drama stars a strong lead protagonist who struggles between being there for her widowed father and being there for her business partner. The support cast in Oregon and California enhance the heroine’s dilemma of feeling she needs to be in two places at the same time while failing in both venues.

Harriet Klausner

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