Sunday, July 27, 2008

Merciless-Robin Parrish

Robin Parrish
Bethany House, Jul 2008, $19.99
ISBN: 9780764201790

From beneath the Taurus Mountains in Turkey, he climbs upward taking the DarkWorld with him. He is aware of his bloody future and the human sacrifices by the Secretum of Six, but is indifferent. His container awaits him on the surface; Grant Borrows will serve fittingly as his vehicle just like the naive Dominion Ring wearer’s late sister was once used. Oblivion will soon surface and the end of days, not that fake propaganda found in Christian literature misinterpreting Armageddon, will begin when time stops.

Oblivion reaches the acme of the Hollow to the euphoric rejoicing of his Bringer, the Secretum of Six, who insured the Millenia aged prophesy of the end occurs. His body denotes instant death when excited Angela upon seeing her God reaches out to touch him. Oblivion begins his MERCILESS final trek to fulfill his destiny. However for the first time Secretum leader Devlin has doubts as Oblivion did not even notice his touch killed Angela and his comment of unworthy frightens the human. Still they follow their prophet, who says the DarkWorld has surfaced with him. Only the Ring of Dominion Bearers might be able to prevent the end of the world, but they feel like doubting David without a slingshot as each realizes the earth has changed for the worse as he is coming causing chaos and death in his wake.

Though there is a one page recap and this final tale can stand alone, to fully appreciate this excellent different Christian end of the world thriller, it behooves the reader to first peruse RELENTLESS and FEARLESS. The story is action-packed from the opening climb until the final confrontation between good and evil; but this is no Jesus arriving to save the day from Lucifer climax. Few if any villains are as amoral as Oblivion the MERCILESS is as humans are not even roach level to him. Robin Parrish, with this superb exciting trilogy, has brought freshness to a genre which suffered from a smug sameness to the biblical end of days' saga.

Harriet Klausner

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