Friday, July 25, 2008

Always a Knight-Wayne Jordan

Always a Knight
Wayne Jordan
Harlequin Kimani, Aug 2008, $5.99
ISBN: 0373860781

While he misses his beloved family who live in the Barbados and at times feels so lonely he wants to go home, reporter Russell Knight heeds Sonata’s advice about making it in New York and remains dedicated to succeeding as a journalist. The New York Times reporter accepts an invitation to a club owned by his friend Rachel Allen to watch a singer and her band perform; Rachel raves they are excellent and he loves music.

From the stage singer Tori Matthews sees Russell talking to her boss and for the first in her life falls into instant lust. To his shock, Russell upon seeing the singer for the first time falls into instant lust. Both have to have the other. As their lust grows into friendship and love, he demands she give up her career while she refuses to give up on her dream. Unable to reach consensus as neither would budge, they split up proving love is not enough.

The only negative to ALWAYS A KNIGHT is that this is the final book in the Knight Family trilogy (see ONE GENTLE KNIGHT and TO LOVE A KNIGHT). The lead couple is a passionate pairing of likable protagonists whose life goals appears to supersede their love for one another as neither quite understand compromise as his wise sister explains that live is selfless placing the other’s needs ahead of yours. Fans of contemporary romances will enjoy this fine tale of two people in love, but unable to try on let alone walk in their beloved’s shoes.

Harriet Klausner

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