Friday, July 25, 2008

Enchantment Place-Denise Little (editor)

Enchantment Place
Denise Little (editor)
Daw, Aug 2008, $7.99
ISBN: 9780756405106

The in spot for shopping in Chicago is ENCHANTMENT PLACE, a mall opened 24 hours 364 days a year. This is the place where the vampires, shapeshifters, and other paranormal go shopping. The only day the mall closes is for that most sacred of holidays, Halloween. With that Introduction and whimsical kudos to her sister who’s let them have a mall comment which led to this anthology, Denise Little brings out the ship 'til you drop supernatural crowd.

In spite of the cutesy gimmick, the authors are a who’s who of fantasy to include Sarah Hoyt, Deb Stover, Esther Friesner, Laura Resnick and Diane Duane; etc. Special acclaim goes to Peter Norwood who aptly titled his well written entry “And into the Fire” as he is the sole male contributor; Ms. Little must have settled on author realism even with an enchanted mall as finding men to admit they chose the mall over football would be too surrealistic. Surprisingly none of the tales are weak as each contains a bit of whimsy as if the writers truly enjoyed doing these tales. Where else could one shop for a familiar, watch the IRS audit a Wiccan supply store owner, observe I’m a unicorn watcher (apologies to the O'Kaysons), and of course trolls arguing over taxes. Readers will be enchanted from start of finish when Carman the untalented offspring of two mages deals with the enchanting “Poop Thief”; that sums up a lighthearted fun collection.

Harriet Klausner

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