Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lord of Shadows-Mary Lennox

Lord of Shadows
Mary Lennox
Five Stars, Aug 2008, $25.95
ISBN: 1594146977

In 1843, Lord Devlin Charmichael is a half-breed; having an English mother and a Zaranbad father, but he feels he belongs to neither world. His brother Ari, the King of Zaranbad, which is on the western border of India, is in London negotiating a treaty with the English Queen. He saves his sibling from a United Band terrorist’s attempts to poison his Highness, but his sibling is spiteful rather than grateful.

Due to her mom’s affair, Lady Caroline Berring is ostracized having been born as a result of scandal. When Dr. Ram Bass arranges for Devlin to dance with Caroline, she becomes suddenly popular. Devlin introduces Caroline to the brother and his blind sister-in-law Queen Janisher. The women become friends while Ram works to uncover the head of the terrorists and Devlin continues to court Caroline although he knows he can never have her; besides which he promised a friend to help him court her. Caroline feels fickle because she is falling in love with Ram and Devlin, but soon reconciles her feelings when she realizes the truth.

This is an engaging historical romantic suspense starring two likable lead protagonists and a solid support cast. Caroline and Janisher steal the show from their protective men with their courage and refusal to hide from danger. Although readers will need to accept a free nineteenth century Christian kingdom bordering on India, fans will enjoy this superb early Victorian thriller as the two females risk their lives to prevent the assassination of their loved ones.
Harriet Klausner

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