Saturday, July 26, 2008


St. Martin’s, Aug 1 2008, $14.95
ISBN: 0312375832

Newlywed and recently appointed to the Supreme Court Justice Preston Hendricks still recovers from the stroke he suffered as his memory of the seventy two hours prior to his illness has not yet returned. His wife, Yates Gilchrist partner attorney Ariel Vaughn and his son New York BLACK DOOR erotic club owner Trey Curtis worry if he does. They had a heated tryst before knowing who the other was and each still wants more; in fact it was a drunken Ariel mumbling about f-ing with Trey just before Preston collapsed from his stroke.

Desiring to move amidst the DC A list of celebs, Preston’s assistant Michele Richards plots to replace Ariel as her boss’ wife though she would not mind a tryst with Trey. Married sexagenarian Congressman Laird Forester also wants to make it with Michele. Meanwhile Trey and Ariel still want each other, but feel guilt as he knows better than to violate the “Man Law” especially with his father as the victim and she loves her spouse and not wanting to hurt him; Preston believes his wife is cheating so he considers an affair with Michele.

The third Black Door contemporary tale (see SEDUCTION) is an intriguing entry as the prime players come across as fully developed with flaws that will have readers waiting for a Shakespeare (or at least Peyton Place) tragedy to occur. The story line is driven by the cast; all selfish in some way, as each seeks sexual satisfaction. Soap operatic in design, BETRAYAL is an enjoyable novel that stands alone; but to better understand the history even as Velvet cleverly works in the past into this complicated plot, fans should read the previous two books.

Harriet Klausner

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