Sunday, September 16, 2007

Reserved for the Cat-Mercedes Lackey

Reserved for the Cat
Mercedes Lackey
Daw, Nov 2007, $25.95
ISBN: 9780756403621

Growing up poor Ninette Dupond’s mother made sure her offspring would be accepted by the Paris Opera Ballet in Montmartre. She now hopes to find a wealthy a wealthy patron. Ninette loves to dance and is given the starring role in La Sylphide when the lead hurt her ankle. She attracts the interest of the star’s paramour, but that leads to her being fired with no money to pay for food or her rent. A cat telepathically tells her that he was sent by her father, an Elemental Master to help her.

The stray persuades Ninette to go to Blackpool, England pretending to be the famous Russian ballerina Nina Tchereslavsky, who they will say vanished during a ship wreck. The dancehall her feline guide escorts her to is run by an Elemental Master of Air while his closest friend, a magician is an Elemental Master of Fire. They accept her and protect her while Ninette tries hard to fit in. Nobody is aware that the real Nina knows about the impersonator and is furious plotting revenge for stealing her name and reputation. Nina is an Earth Elemental who got freed of her Master and likes living on the mortal plane; she intends to keep doing so by absorbing humans in order to take over their form and intellect. Assimilating Ninette is the perfect disguise as the pretender has already taken up her role.

The Elemental novels are beautiful romantic adult fairy tales. RESERVED FOR THE CAT contains a wicked villainess who makes the Snow White Queen seem benevolent, a courageous cat to rival Puss n Boots, and a fine brave heroine in peril (take your pick). Ninette is a strong willed intrepid individual who believes she must actively help in her defense. Master magician Mercedes lackey writes a charming fantasy.

Harriet Klausner

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