Thursday, September 27, 2007

Along for the Ride-Michelle M. Pillow

Along for the Ride
Michelle M. Pillow
Cheek, Oct 2007, $12.95
ISBN: 9780352341457

Detective Megan Matthews is irate as she has been suspended from the NYPD. She holds forensics photographer Ryan Lucas culpable for her official troubles. His first photograph of her in action led directly to management transferring her from homicide to burglary as she became too known due to his “flash” of NYC’s “Little darling detective” arresting a serial killer; his second picture of her was even more damaging as he caught her stepping on key evidence.

On a forced vacation with her family, Megan grits her teeth as they are about to go. Making her even angrier, her personal public enemy number one Ryan arrives informing her family that he is her fiancé; backed up by her turncoat sister. Ryan wants to make the pretend engagement real as he has fallen in love with her from the moment he accidentally took her first picture, but she assumes he is trying for strike three she’s out with an exposé of her.

The second Matthews Sisters tale (see OPPOSITES ATTRACT) is a wonderful contemporary romance in which the lead male cannot do anything right when it comes to his beloved. Megan has good cause to distrust Ryan as his first picture forced a transfer and his second a vacation. Readers will appreciate his efforts from pillow talk to handcuffs to personal photos for his own viewing in order gain Megan’s trust and love.

Harriet Klausner

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