Monday, September 24, 2007

A Clubbable Woman-Reginald Hill

A Clubbable Woman
Reginald Hill
Felony & Mayhem, Sep 2007, $14.95
ISBN: 9781933397931

In the early 1970s in Yorkshire, Mary Connon loved rugby; literally she loved seducing the local rugby team’s players. Her husband “Connie” knew she flirted with the entire squad, but seemed to tolerate her activity. That is until she is found dead in their home; the Mid-Yorkshire police believe a cuckold drunken Connie killed his wife fueled by the alcohol.

Case closed except the new cop on the block Andy Dalziel finds the wrap up too simple especially since everyone knows Mary was the local rugby team’s biggest fan. He thinks sharing a few pints with the players might prove illuminating. Sergeant Peter Pascoe cannot believe the investigative method of his new superior “Fat Andy”, but tags along especially as clues begin to point towards the squad rather than the spouse.

Although in some ways this reprint of the first Dalziel and Pascal British police procedural feels like a 1970s historical (although written at the time as a present day tale), A CLUBBABLE WOMAN remains a well written somewhat a sports whodunit. The story line introduces the audience to the dynamic duo who are working together for the first time; thus Pascoe is shocked by Dalziel’s techniques as he has not adapted to it yet. Fans of the series will enjoy where it all began.

Harriet Klausner

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