Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bang Bang-Lynn Hoffman

Bang Bang
Lynn Hoffman
Kunati, 2007, $19.95
ISBN: 9781601640005

Philadelphia waitress Paula Sherman is distraught when her best friend was killed. She blames the shooter not the hand gun for murdering her pal. However, the most powerful gun lobby in the world the United Gun Association (UGA) learns of her comments and they along with the Pennsylvania senator in their back pocket quote Paula out of context in an ad campaign featuring her.

Outraged she wants the UGA to stop using her and her words, but the arrogant leaders ignore an overweight wannabe singer as beneath their notice except for their use and abuse of her words. Paula decides to create vengeance with a gun by targeting the windshields of cars with the UGA sticker on them as her motto is to fight fire with fire. Soon her vigilante campaign takes off as others begin shooting the windshields with UGA on them.

This is a deep yet entertaining look at the abuse of the Second Amendment by those who claim the convenience of certain constitutional rights. However, though a condemnation it is Paula who hooks readers once she realizes how her grief has been used by the spin doctors to defend the indefensible. No question author Lynn Hoffman will become criminalized, demonized, and a amoral leper as the NRA and their congressional slaves will have their media spin maestro servants use weapons of mass destruction as their right to assault her.

Harriet Klausner

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