Thursday, September 27, 2007

Over Hexed-Vicki Lewis Thompson

Over Hexed
Vicki Lewis Thompson
Onyx, Oct 2007, $7.99
ISBN: 9780451412485

Exiled for unethical magical matchmaking mischief by Cyril the Grand High Wizard, Ambrose and Dorcus Lowell detest being sent to backwater Big Knob, Indiana, but the matchmaking duo has no say in the matter. They cannot return until they straighten out George the dragon who suffers from ADD. They worry about how to pass time in a town of under 10000 mortals, but consider doing their magic with humans, a no no back home, but what the heck that is a double negative.

The duo meets mortal Sean Madigan, who laments that he is bone weary of females wanting him. Although they know they should stay with the normal clientele, witches and warlocks, the out of town therapists agree to help Sean with his problem by changing him from the hunk of hunks to an average American. Now that he is no longer the fantasy star of female dreams, Sean ironically meets his soul-mate Maggie. He finds he must court her by using charm and tenderness instead of Greek God looks, but this is something he never had to do before and fails at persuading Maggie he is the one for her.

OVER HEXED is a lighthearted romantic fantasy starring two out of control but caring matchmakers and an interesting pair of humans. Sean makes the tale as his wish is granted at a time he meets his true love, but must work at winning her; something he never had to do before as women worked to get him. Readers will enjoy this amusing irreverent frolic that uses the paranormal to spoof the politically correct and anti politically correct babble.

Harriet Klausner

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