Monday, April 13, 2015

Trail of Evil - Travis S. Taylor

Trail of Evil
Travis S. Taylor
Baen, Apr 7 2015, $25.00
ISBN: 9781476780313

In 2398 DC, POTUS authorizes his predecessor Alexander Moore to lead a small hand-picked crew on an expeditionary mission to follow bread crumbs left behind ages ago by Senator Sienna Madira.  The Marine veteran and former White House occupant believes recently found Separatist outposts tie to something much bigger and more dangerous lurking in space than even Copernicus the AI who led the horrific Separatists civil war.

On their recon mission, Moore and his team track bases defended by multiple mechas left behind by Copernicus in case the AI failed to eradicate humanity.  Increasingly the evidence points to Copernicus having had a deadlier ally to complete the final solution of species extinction.  Moore and his fellow marines plan to destroy the enemy before this adversary deploys their annihilation of mankind assault.

The fourth Tau Ceti Agenda military science fiction (see One Good Soldier, One Day on Mars and The Tau Ceti Agenda) is an action-packed outer space thriller based on fascinating twists that spin Travis S. Taylor’s saga into an astonishingly different orbit.  Although the Bush Doctrine of first strike to keep the battle in the enemy’s territory rather than your own seems foolish without substantive data affirming Madira’s contention as this could start an unnecessary war, this entry is a thrilling twisting tale.

Harriet Klausner

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