Sunday, April 5, 2015

Nights Under The Tennessee Stars - Joanne Rock

Nights Under The Tennessee Stars
Joanne Rock
Harlequin SuperRomance, Apr 1 2015, $6.75
ISBN: 9780373609079

Erin Finley waits for her boyfriend Patrick to arrive at the Louisville airport, but instead an angry woman using his phone calls her.  In between profanities and slut accusations, the stranger says Pat is her husband and the father of their two young sons.  Burned, Erin crawls by air to Nashville on her way home to Heartache, Tennessee.

Six months later, Interstate Antiquer TV producer Remy Weldon travels to Heartache planning to do a show on Last Chance Vintage at a time when the ratings collapsed following the host’s abrupt departure.  Remy and one of the store’s owners Erin meet when he stands out in the rain worrying about his late wife’s teenage daughter Sarah back in Miami.  The pair is attracted to each other, but he feels guilt for not being home when a house invasion left his wife and Sarah’s mom dead.  When Sarah comes to Heartache, Erin assumes she fell in love with another married with children. 

The second Finleys of Heartache romance (see Promises under the Peach Tree) is a pleasant second chance at love contemporary; as the lead couple each has to overcome the ghosts of relationships past.  With her grief and issues of abandonment, Sarah steals the show from the adults especially when her violent biological dad forcibly reenters the picture. 

Harriet Klausner

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