Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hard As A Rock - Christine Warren

Hard As A Rock
Christine Warren
St. Martin's Paperbacks, Mar 31 2015, $7.99
ISBN: 9781250012678

Wynn Powe the witch (see Stone Cold Lover) flies into Chicago seeking her missing brother Bran; this generation of her family chosen as a warden instead of her because gender is a key Guild criterion.  Controlling her acrimony, Wynn seeks the help of a nearby Guardian.  Instead in the upscale Lake Forest suburb, Wynn finds the rocky remains of the Guardian blown into smithereens by she assumes agents of the Order of Eternal Darkness.   

Knox arrives as the replacement Guardian in order to keep Wynn safe from the enemy who tries to kill her.  He also recognizes this Warden is his soul mate, but knows there could be nasty repercussions if he pursues his heart’s desire.  Believing she is a temporary fill-in until fresh testosterone meat is selected as the Warden and mocking herself for turning mushy towards her Guardian, Wynn struggles with her feelings for Knox.

The third Gargoyle romantic urban fantasy (see Heart of Stone) is a fresh paranormal entry due to the acerbic lead female amusingly (to readers that is and not her Guardian) rips pounds of flesh and other “skin” from family, friends, enemy and her beloved.  Christine Warren authors a brisk thrilling tale starring Wynn the winning witch who deploys sarcasm as her weapon of first choice especially towards her befuddled Guardian.

Harriet Klausner

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