Monday, April 6, 2015

Midnight Angel - Karen Wiesner

Midnight Angel
Karen Wiesner
Writers Exchange E-Publishing (Electronic);, Feb 24 2015, $15.50
ISBN: 9781312395619

Roxanne Hart wants more from her best friend Jamie Dubois as she loves him.  Desperate she bets him all or nothing that the womanizing Jamie cannot adhere to monogamy with her for six months.  Five months and twenty-nine days of not straying leads Jamie to panic.  Though nothing happens, he arranges for Rox to draw the wrong conclusion when she sees him with her roommate Diane Hoffman.  However, Rox’s disappointment and declaration that she knew he would ruin their relationship leaves Jamie stunned, desperately declaring his love to no avail and pleading for another chance to prove him faithful which she rejects.

Four years later, Supermodel Rox learns the cancer she thought she beat has returned.  Meanwhile guilt-stricken Jamie regrets what he did to the love of his life and their relationship; but also rationalizes Rox deserves someone better than a worthless bum like him as he recalls similarly years ago running from the mother of his son and their offspring.  As Rox becomes sicker while completing her bucket list, Jamie vows always to be her 24/7 angel if she lets him.

The second superb Angelfire II drama (see Only The Lonely) is a tremendous second chance at a loving relationship.  The former BFFs want to face her health crisis health together if the ailing heroine can trust him to be there for her though he never left her heart.  As with the previous entry, the respective mental states of the lead couple turn this into an insightful drama.  Whereas Rox deals with her cancer her way; frightened that he will lose her forever Jamie struggles to overcome his unworthiness low self-esteem to support his beloved in sickness and in health.

Harriet Klausner

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