Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shades Of Virtue- Jack Whitsel

Shades Of Virtue Jack Whitsel Paladin Timeless Books, Apr 15 2014, $17.95 ISBN: 9781606192252 Almost two years ago a half of century of peace in the Hugue ended with the incursion of the feral beasts of the Harhn of Vol Thaldane. Led by a diabolical sorcerer and allied with the Darkfey, the Harhn invaded the Hugue at a time when most of the Order Knights were far away and unable to protect humanity. Due to the heroic efforts of Lord Protector of the Land Duke Baudouin and Dragon Maiden Lady Lucia, mankind survived though the war has left behind devastation especially for those who work the land as the fall harvest yielded little (see Shadows of Kings). As he leads his armies against the Harhn Hordes and other enemies, Lord Yannic tries to persuade the humans that divided they fall while united they triumph. He pleads with the fiefdom leaders to join Shyrlandia. Meanwhile a jousting tournament at Kilgan draws many desperate individuals as well as experience champions to compete for the hand of Lady Basina and becoming influential throughout the lands. To insure fair play as this contest has far reaching impact, the Council sends Lady Lucia accompanied by her novices (Dragana and Tallya) as observers with instructions to interfere if, as expected treachery or malevolence, surfaces; and to uncover who defiantly defies the Order Knights causing potential destruction. The fast-paced second Dragon Rising fantasy magically transports engaged readers to a medieval setting that enables fans to believe in wizardry, beastly hordes, dragons and much more. Filled with high drama and a delightful tournament of champions, Shades of Virtue is a terrific tale of yore lacking only a needed regional map of Shyrlandia, Vol Thaldane and Hugue. Harriet Klausner

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