Monday, May 26, 2014

Rescue At Cardwell Ranch-B.J. Daniels

Rescue At Cardwell Ranch B.J. Daniels Harlequin Intrigue, May 20 2014, $5.50 ISBN: 9780373697649 Texas private detective Hayes Cardwell flies to Bozeman, Montana to attend his brother Tag’s wedding to Lily (see Christmas at Cardwell Ranch) and persuade his sibling from opening up a restaurant in Big Sky Country. His plane was delayed in Denver; so he stops for food when he notices a man carrying a woman towards the trunk of a car. He intervenes and rescues realtor McKenzie Sheldon from a dangerous assault though the pervert escapes. After the cops arrive, Hayes drives to the Cardwell Ranch; while rescued McKenzie Sheldon tells the police she failed to see her abductor and her plan to fire her top realtor Gus Thompson for stalking the office women including her. Hayes and McKenzie meet again because she is Tag’s realtor. He becomes her personal bodyguard when the irate fuming maniac, who attacked her in the parking lot, makes attempts to silence her and that Good Samaritan permanently in case either can identify him. This Cardwell Ranch romantic suspense is an enjoyable thriller as an obsessed psychopath rages over his first failure having abducted women before and his fear his latest chosen one or her cowboy can finger him. Although the second protagonists’ meeting comes across as a plausible but significant coincidence, readers will enjoy this twisting tale with several suspects besides Gus surfacing. Harriet Klausner

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