Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Man's Promise-Brenda Jackson

A Man's Promise Brenda Jackson Mira, May 27 2014, $7.99 ISBN: 9780778316251 Several years ago, Caden Granger and Shiloh Timmons planned to elope in Vegas. However, her martinet father Samuel sent Caden photos of his daughter with another man and though Caden waited, Shiloh failed to show up. Now Samuel’s widow Sandra visits Caden to apologize for not being there for him and his siblings fifteen years when his dad killed his mom and to set the truth straight re Shiloh. She says the incriminating pictures were Photoshop, and Shiloh failed to meet him because she was in Boston fighting for her life after being a victim of a hit and run which killed their unborn baby. Caden is shocked and ashamed as he never gave his beloved Shiloh an opportunity to explain. The second Granger romantic suspense is an exciting second chance drama although the protagonists’ conflict ends too quickly especially with how he reacted. The overarching theme moves forward with implications that what led to the Granger patriarch’s conviction fifteen years ago is not the truth. Although clearly a middle-book plot connecting the first entry (see A Brother’s Honor) to the next thriller, series fans will enjoy learning more about the two families intertwined tighter than the DNA helix. Harriet Klausner >

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