Monday, May 5, 2014

Secret Of The Stars- Andre Norton

Secret Of The Stars Andre Norton Baen, May 6 2014, $14.00 ISBN: 9781476736747 “Secret of the Lost Race.” In JetTown, Port of N'Yok, Joktar the orphan works as a dealer at Kern’s SunSpot casino when a sweep shanghaied him as slave laborer bound for another world. However, before being deployed, an Intergalactic Scout accuses Joktar of murder, which leads to his exile to the galaxy’s worst hellhole, iced Fenris to toil and die in the vile mines. Knowing his fate if sent into this hell, Joktar flees for his life taking a chance on surviving the frozen tundra rather than the relentless men in gray who fear he learns the truth about his heritage. “Star Hunter.” At the Starfall dump in Nahautl's starport, Vye Lansor works as a swamper cleaning up puke, crap, blood and body parts from the lowlifes who frequent this dive. Ras Hume the Out-Hunter hires Vye to join his next safari on Jumala, but hides his real interest in his new recruit. He and his partner know that the Heir Rynch Brodie died during a crash on Jumala that no one survived; they plan to use a memory-altered Vye masquerading as Rynch who upon bringing him home will make them rich. On Jumala, though Vye has some strange memories of having been there as the heir, but he also retains other conflicting thoughts. Forerunners of later series, these are reprints of two fun five-decade plus old outer space operas in which the respective worlds seem real. Readers will root for the orphaned protagonists to survive the dangerous planets and their much more powerful adversaries. Harriet Klausner

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