Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Greek’s Tiny Miracle-Rebecca Winters

The Greek’s Tiny Miracle Rebecca Winters Harlequin Romance, Jan 7 2014, $5.99 ISBN 9780373742721 International exporter Dev Harris and Stephanie Marsh met in the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean and shared ten days of incredible love until he abruptly vanished leaving behind a thank you note and nothing else. He returned to his Greek military unit knowing they had no future together though he also believes he loves the American. Heartbroken and feeling like a fool, Stephanie learns how her late mom felt raising a child as a single mother’ as she is carrying Dev’s baby. Greek Navy SEAL Nikos Vassalos suffers from a spine injury and PTSD after his last mission went ugly leaving his best friend Kon dead. Though he visits Kon’s family, he mostly grieves by himself on his yacht Diomedes rejecting even his worried family as he distrusts himself to behave properly among civilized company. Though she fears his reaction, Stephanie finds the father of her child but this cold broken Nikos is nothing like the warm passionate Dev she loved. Still she knows how much growing up she wanted her daddy in her life so Stephanie tries to get through Nikos’ hardened acrimonious exterior to resuscitate his heart. The Greek’s Tiny Miracle is an engaging second chance due to the actions of the intrepid heroine who refuses to accept Niko’s rejection of their child. Ironically Stephanie keeps the storyline moving forward but tormented Nikos owns the novel with his bone marrow deep fear that his PTSD will one day explode out of control and harm those he loves. Harriet Klausner

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