Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snowblind-Christopher Golden

Snowblind Christopher Golden St. Martin’s, Jan 21 2014, $25.99 ISBN 9781250015310 The citizens of Coventry were used to powerful blizzards, but this one was the strongest that anyone who survived could remember as affirmed by the records. Many died from exposure or accidents while some simply vanished with their bodies never found. Unnerving reports surfaced from those who endured the ordeal of blue-white “ice men” racing about in the blizzard at extraordinary impossible speeds. A dozen years later, the citizens of Coventry prepare for the latest storm of the century. However, unlike the previous lethal mega storm of twelve years ago, confidence is long gone as those who lived through that horrific blizzard fear the ice men cometh for them. In spite of a different season, the exciting Snowbound will remind readers of Stephen King’s Storm of the Century as they share the premise of a supernatural attack during a monster storm. Although why Coventry failed to become a ghost-town after the eerie deadly blizzard twelve years ago is left unanswered, readers will enjoy this suspenseful horror. Harriet Klausner

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