Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Alice Close Your Eyes-Averil Dean

Alice Close Your Eyes Averil Dean Mira, Dec 31 2014, $14.95 ISBN: 9780778315865 On Vashon Island in Puget Sound, writer Alice Croft is on a mission of what she insists to herself justified vengeance to destroy the SOB who coldly allowed her mother to die when the bastard tossed away her inhaler she desperately needed. That moment a decade ago devastated Alice’s life. Alice needs the right person for the job of murder so has been following her selected candidate Jack Calabrese to ascertain if he has the gonads to complete her quest. She breaks into Jack’s home when he is away, but he comes back early and catches her. He stays calm while they chat and soon each realizes they share a craving for S&M sex with Jack becoming the aggressor. Though Alice relishes their mutually satisfying proclivity, she has not lost her brain’s obsession to her libido as she still wants this dominant to kill the person who murdered her mother and destroyed her too. Alice Close Your Eyes is a dark erotica psychological suspense. The lead couple has respective issues with Alice’s psychosis much more prevalent while the intended victim remains unknown until the climax except through her nightmarish mental filter. Although the sex supersedes the revenge for much of the storyline, readers will appreciate Averil Dean’s taut twisting tale. Harriet Klausner

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