Monday, January 20, 2014

Moth and Spark-Anne Leonard

Moth and Spark Anne Leonard Viking, Feb 20 2014, $27.95 ISBN 9780670015702 Prince Corin of Caithen fears for the well-being of his small country bordered by two powerful neighbors. The Mycenean Empire contains a vaunted war machine anchored by dragons and their riders; while aggression from Tyrekh and his Sarians who most likely will use the ships of conquered neighboring Argondy to invade Caithen through the port of Dele. Complicating his complex world, the Dragons chose Prince Corin to liberate then from Mycene; a dubious honor that he cannot refuse since they magically tagged him with the quest. However, they provide their chosen one with a little of their power and no information on why they remain captive by the Empire’s sorcerers or how to free them because his beastly “masters” do not know. Tam, the daughter of an esteemed doctor, leaves her home city Dalrinia for the capital Caithenor where at the library, she and Corin meet. As Tam learns she is a seer, she and the prince are attracted to each other. Besides a royal-commoner relationship taboo, both accept he must keep his land safe while completing the dragon mission though accomplishing either of the two tasks makes achieving the other seemingly impossible and living through this impossible. Though a typical quest fantasy, sub-genre readers will enjoy the exciting escapades of Tam and Corin; as they romantically team up on seemingly doomed missions. Fast-paced from the first protagonists’ encounter, Moth and Spark provides fans with a fun engaging storyline. Harriet Klausner

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