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Widow of Gettysburg-Jocelyn Green

Widow of Gettysburg

Jocelyn Green

River North, Apr 12 2013, $14.99

ISBN: 9780802405777

Two years ago Levi Holloway died at Bull Run. He left behind his grieving wife Liberty and their farm in Adams County, Pennsylvania.

In June of 1863 Liberty lives alone on the farm having learned as a child from the aunt who raised her that she was worthless as even her mom abandoned her. Her only friend is her employee freed slave Bella Jamison as they just have opened up Liberty Inn. With the nearby Black Horse Tavern and Inn filled, a Traveler arrives with no money begging for bread. He conceals from her that he is Silas Ford who was her childhood friend in spite of her odious aunt disallowing her any companions. A student dropout at Gettysburg’s Lutheran Seminary, he encourages her to put away the mourning widow weeds she has worn since learning of Levi’s death. After Silas leaves, Libbie heeds his advice. On the first of July, the battle at Gettysburg begins. Soon afterward Liberty Inn becomes a hospital for wounded and dying Confederates as Libbie has a chance to help if she listens to God.

The second Heroines Behind the Lines Civil War drama (see Wedded to War) is a powerful look into after the battle impact that should be required reading for those who believe war is the only answer while ignoring the human carnage and true costs to include the aftermath. The storyline is character driven by those who lost loved ones at Gettysburg and other Civil war battles as real people provided first hand statements that add a sense of being there for the horrific aftermath that followed the deadly battle.

Harriet Klausner

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