Monday, May 27, 2013

The Sword Dancer-Jeannie Lin

The Sword Dancer

Jeannie Lin

Harlequin, May 21 2013, $6.50

ISBN: 9780373297429

In 848 China, Li Feng is a master sword dancer and clever thief in spite of being female in the male-exclusive dominated Tang Dynasty. When she steals treasure from a brutal general to help the rebel cause against this vicious overlord; two thief catchers, legendary Zheng Hao Han and Longxu pursue her. Han realizes Li Feng has skills never displayed by a woman and that she learned them in Wudang Mountain; as her sword dancing is top quality and her effort to escape brilliant. Still he catches her and takes her to the jail where the tribunal at Taining will determine her guilt.

However Han has one problem with dumping the talented Li Feng with the law. She saved his life when he slipped as he chased her on rooftops; she could have escaped and he be dead. Reluctantly because she has skewered his righteous belief in right or wrong, he agrees to help her with her quest to find her family. As they fall in love, the Thief Catcher realizes the thief stole his heart and hopes he stole hers too.

The latest Tang Dynasty romances (see My Fair Concubine, Butterfly Swords, and The Dragon And The Pearl) is an exciting action-packed historical with a fresh heroine who shakes up the heart and soul of the by the book hero. Action-packed, fans will enjoy Jeannie Lin’s entertaining ninth century Chinese thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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