Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pastors’ Wives-Lisa Takeuchi Cullen

Pastors’ Wives

Lisa Takeuchi Cullen

Plume, Apr 30 2013, $16.00

ISBN: 9780452298828

Protestant Jerry and Catholic Ruthie met at NYU. He became a successful Wall St. executive and thus they led an upper class Manhattan lifestyle until Jerry read the ad for an Associate Pastor at the Greenleaf Evangelical Megachurch in Atlanta and decided he found his calling. Though Ruthie has doubts greater than that reported about Thomas in the bible she honors her husband by going with him.

The Greenleaf Pastor Aaron and his wife Candace lead a major flock. Candace is ferocious when it comes to her family and her church; but also expects total loyalty, obedience and Godly perfection from those she protects. She sets up an Interfaith Council consisting of her husband, an Inman and a Rabbi.

Ginger dreams of being a widow raising her children though she insists she does not want her beloved husband Timothy. She struggles with being his pastor’s wife as Timothy who runs Newleaf sees his mother as the ideal and no one can come close to Candace’s paragon level; especially someone with Ginger’s sordid past.

Pastors’ Wives is a deep look at living inside a religious fishbowl in which everyone diligently watches your every move though motives vary from emulation to envy to gotya. Though the males are not as developed as their spouses, fans will enjoy this leisurely paced storyline that rotates the lead as wifely secrets lead to conflict and doubts of faith.

Harriet Klausner

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