Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Highland Werewolf Wedding-Terry Spear

A Highland Werewolf Wedding

Terry Spear

Sourcebooks, May 7 2013, $6.99

ISBN: 9781402266836

In 1785 St Augustine, her paternal wolf Uncles Tobias and Samson inform their precious recently orphaned (due to murder) niece Elaine that they will arrange a mating for her with ruthless older Kelly Rafferty. Elaine persuades them to allow her to see some of the world before her marriage. However, when they reach St. Andrews, Scotland, the locals plodded by sea merchant Lord Whittington arrest and soon execute the thieving Hawthorn pirates. Highlander wolf Cearnach MacNeill offers her the sanctuary of his clan, but while he brawls with a drunkard she flees.

After a horrid life married to a monster; with his death in the present Elaine returns to Scotland for the first time since her uncles were hung with hopes of finding the loot her relatives hid two centuries ago and that her distant family will welcome her. She gets into a fender bender with Cearnach that leaves his vehicle ditched. Late for his friend’s wedding, Cearnach gets Elaine to drive him there. As each recognizes the other as their true mate, she manages to trigger clan feuds.

The latest Heart of the Wolf MacNeill brother paranormal romance (see A Howl for a Highlander and Heart of the Highland Wolf) is a fun thriller due to two alphas falling in love. The two initial meetings between the alphas seem too coincidental while some of the escapades over the top; yet Terry Spear showcases her talent to tell an exciting howler that her fans will fully enjoy.

Harriet Klausner

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