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The Mountain Mother Cipher-N.S. Wikarski

The Mountain Mother Cipher

N.S. Wikarski

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Jan 22 2012, $9.99

ISBN: 9781468127591

Nineteen year old college freshman Cassie Forsythe suffered a horrific nightmare in which a cowboy demands the key before murdering her sibling Sybil. After someone kills Sybil, Cassie sees the cowboy flee her late sister’s apartment after finding the Granite Key. Shocked she joined Arkana seeking the Key and other ancient artifacts as she replaces Sybil as the Pythia psychokinetic reader of objects’ history.

Cassie teams up with Chief Scrivener Griffin and Security Coordinator Erik. On Crete, the trio learns of the existence of the mythological Minoan Sage Stone; to retrieve this ancient relic they must find five artifacts in a specific order. Blessed Nephilim Diviner leader Abraham plans for a third world war crusade once he obtains the Sage Stone. Arkana leader Faye the Memory Guardian fears exposure to the Blessed Nephilim; who would destroy the relics protected in their Central Catalogue vault. Thus Cassie and her teammates must find a way to steal the artifacts that the enemy own without their foes realizing what happened. They travel to Mount Ida near Troy in Turkey with the Blessed Nephilim and other unknown unsavory people seeking the same treasure.

The key to the second Arkana urban fantasy (see the Granite Key) is the cast who make the quest seem genuine. Cassie doubts she has the right stuff to replace her sister; Griffin doubts he belongs in the field as he is a librarian; Erik doubts his two mates have the heart and soul of a warrior. The support characters from both sides are also strong; and not just the leaders. Filled with action, fans will appreciate N.S. Wikarski’s Mediterranean tour.

Harriet Klausner

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