Sunday, February 10, 2013

For Love Of Eli-Loree Lough

For Love Of Eli

Loree Lough

Abingdon Press, Feb 1 2013, $12.99

ISBN: 9781426752506

After his parents died last year, five year old Eli lives with his legal guardian maternal Aunt Taylor Bradley at the Misty Wolf Inn in Blacksburg, Virginia. Eli’s paternal Uncle Dr. Reece Montgomery blames his late brother-in-law Eliot who died as a soldier in Afghanistan for the subsequent death of his sister Margo. Reece also feels guilt for not being there for her; knowing Margo’s dying was not an accident. He especially rages over a loser like Taylor is named his nephew’s guardian when he is a pediatrician; worse he is attracted to the failure raising his last relative.

Eli and Taylor find an unfinished quilt that Margo started for her son. Taylor decides to finish the quilt so that Eli will have a precious memory of his late parents. As Reece visits Eli, he and Taylor fall in love, but he assumes she belongs to celebrity Jimmy Jacobs.

The latest Quilts of Love inspirational (see A Wild Goose Chase Christmas by Jennifer AlLee, Beyond the Storm by Quilts of Love and Path of Freedom by Jennifer Hudson Taylor) is a warm family drama starring three survivors struggling with the deaths of loved ones. The engaging storyline focuses on healing as each of the trio handles their grief differently. Although the romance feels forced and uninspiring, readers will enjoy the lad’s living relatives doing for him whatever he needs because of a love for Eli and his late parents.

Harriet Klausner

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