Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dark in the Woods-Rosemary Laurey

Dark in the Woods

Rosemary Laurey

Samhain Publishing, Oct 9 2012, $4.24

Amazon ASIN: B008TR5AX8

Alan Harrington persuades his doubting wife Cassie to move from Boston to his hometown of Andrews Meadows, Virginia; she agrees to a six-month trial in the mountain town. However, his mom makes it clear Cassie is unwelcome; his brother Tate, the only family member from his side to attend the wedding, invites them to stay at his house. Cassie finds his kin of hunters detest her while the residents across the river in Silver Grove are wary of her.

Not long after their arrival, Alan dies in what appears to be an accident. The Harrington brood ignores his widow to include funeral plans. Thinking of her marriage vows “or worse”, Cassie sneaks into the funeral parlor only to be shocked by her discovery. Deputy Sheriff David Argon investigates Alan’s murder and the subsequent killing of his sister Sherry-Ann; while also trying to keep the newcomer safe. He struggles to adhere to the advice of his Aunt Morgaine’s marital prediction for him to remain patient as she proclaimed before the then married Cassie arrived in town she was his future wife.

From the opening Aunt Morgaine’s prediction until the final confrontation, readers will appreciate this taut paranormal police procedural romance. In some ways, the exciting storyline feels like a mountainous gothic starring a heroine in peril, a dangerous remote landscape (incredibly eerie yet feeling genuine), and a hero brooding over having to be patient. Fans will believe that in the remote Virginia Mountains live the paranormal, the hunters and the mundane as Rosemary Laurey escorts her appreciative fans deep into the deadly Dark in the Woods.

Harriet Klausne

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