Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Crimson Rain-Jaye Roycraft

Crimson Rain

Jaye Roycraft

ImaJinn, Jan 29 2013, $14.00

ISBN: 9781610261067

Dens telepathic exile Rayn DeStar and Interplanetary Investigation Bureau agent telepath Mondina “Dina” Marlijn met in their dreams before they joined forces in person to prevent a calamity (see Rainscape). She went home to Glacia to tell her father she found her mate and on probation he went home to B’harata for the first time in twenty years. Their plan was for her to join him on his planet as he is not allowed to leave B’harata.

However, raider Alecto Kylariz and his Roven first mate Sandy Sanjan take the Palladia whose most valuable cargo is Dina. They flee with her as a prisoner as Kyl plans to use “Hellfire” to force the hand of his despised enemy Dhagaz. However, instead they run into problems with Synergy’s Space Division forcing Kyl and Dina to leave his ship the Tisiphone using the smaller vessel Megaera to escape. Another raider Vaizya attacks the Megaera, but Kyl lands them safely on Ror, a hellhole.

Meanwhile Rayn whose cousin Cyonne and her mate Sage welcome him, but his brother Ryol D'Anthara still holds him culpable with what happened two decades ago to their late sibling. When Rayn learns Dina has been abducted, with the help of Sage, he ignores the rules of his probation to rescue his beloved.

The second Rain science fiction tale is an engaging outer space thriller that rotates leads between the two star-crossed telepathic lovers. The Dina subplot is more exhilarating especially in the first half than the intriguing insight into Rayn’s culture, but the latter goes into hyperspeed once the rescue attempt begins. Readers will enjoy the triangle between Kyl, his Hellfire and her telepath.

Harriet Klausner

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