Monday, November 26, 2012

Jamus' Sorrow-Trevis Powell

Jamus' Sorrow

Trevis Powell

BlackWyrm, Oct 31 2011, $11.95

ISBN: 9781613181188

In the wilderness of the Kingdom of Aldrigal, the Were attacked the coach killing Eldena, wife of the Viscount of Gelbow, Jamus, and the driver Conn. Jamus survived along with Gran the healer and the woodsman, but his companions are injured and unconscious. He pulls the wagon containing his traveling mates as the Were, including a one-armed predator, murder anything in their path as corpses of the violent Quargs, humans and wolves are everywhere.

As Jamus reaches a farm, the Firthian Grand Liaison blitzkrieg consists of Were, infantry, mercenaries and signalers. Led by General Hendrick, this overwhelming force reaches Aldrigal City in incredible time due to the magic of the signalers. Inside the city, activities by signalers abet the invasion. War with the Firthian and the Were dominate the besieged kingdom.

The third Were-War fantasy thriller (see Gran’s Secret and Albrim’s Curse) is a super entry that moves forward on several fronts as war comes to the capital city, Gran worries about her Were grandson Albrim whose special collar to control the beast was removed and the rampage of the Were. Young adult fans of the series will enjoy this action-packed tale as gran continues to face personal dilemmas.

Harriet Klausner

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