Thursday, November 29, 2012

Deliver Me From Temptation-Tes Hilaire

Deliver Me From Temptation

Tes Hilaire

Sourcebooks, Dec 4 2012, $6.99

ISBN: 9781402264375

As the only purebred Paladin warrior angel Logan Calhoun sees those he has sworn (to his Father) to protect as weak. Over the ages, Logan has diligently performed his duty in combat against vampires, demons and other similar evil ilk; while through all that time he scorned humans as pathetic creatures easily swayed to the dark side. Currently he is working in the Bronx hunting Ganelon’s demonic army while struggling to overcome crankiness and ennui.

Police Detective Jessica Waters leads the investigation into the murder of a-hole date rapist Thomas Rhodes by a vigilante in the Hunts Point section. Her inquiry leads her to Logan and other Paladins. She realizes the hunk conceals what he knows about the case from her while for the first time he shirks his duty by not erasing her memory of him and the other angels. While he violates for the first time the divine intervention rules, he protects her from a malevolent minion. As the human and the angel fall in love; Logan after so many countless eons finally understands what his Father sees in these helpless losers.

The second Paladin Warriors romantic urban fantasy is a wonderful thriller though it behooves newcomers to read Deliver Me From Darkness first so as to ease the dive into the Hilaire heaven and hell on earth mythos. The storyline is fast-paced from the first encounter between the bored arrogant angel and the dedicated diligent detective. Readers will appreciate love taking down the haughty Paladin.

Harriet Klausner

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