Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Texas Ranger’s Reward-Rebecca Winters

The Texas Ranger’s Reward

Rebecca Winters

Harlequin American, Oct 2 2012, $5.25

ISBN: 9780373754267

In Salt Lake City, Melissa Dalton works at the Lone Peak Children’s Physical Therapy Clinic. The physical therapist’s new patient is seven year old Casey Stillman who broke his femur falling from a horse. Casey no longer needs his crutches, but refuses to put them down and bear his weight on his legs. Melissa greets Casey and his dad private investigator Travis cheerfully and even obtains a laugh from the now reclusive child. Travis is stunned and jealous with how well the physical therapist gets his son to walk without the aid of the crutches. To reward the child, she gives him a special leash to walk his dog Dexter.

Travis realizes that Melissa could be the sister of his late murdered wife Valerie. He tells her that he was a Texas Ranger whose spouse was murdered by an avenging killer who remains on the loose and that she looks like Valerie. When someone breaks into her office, Melissa calls Travis. He agrees to help her as he is grateful for what she has done for his son. Although each is attracted to one another, he fears placing another wonderful woman in danger and she remains traumatized by the assault of her former husband at a time when the danger mounts

This is an entertaining second chance at love romance with late suspense that deftly ties loose ends. The fast-paced storyline grips the audience starting with Casey’s therapy and never slows down as the past arrives to haunt the lead couple.

Harriet Klausner

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