Saturday, September 29, 2012

London Eye-Tim Lebbon

London Eye

Tim Lebbon

PYR, Oct 2 2012, $16.95

ISBN: 9781616146801

In 2017, the terrorist arrack turned thriving London into Toxic City. The assumption by British citizens outside the great metropolitan is that everyone inside the wasteland died on Doomsday. The Choppers special forces guard the perimeter of the city allegedly to not let anyone enter and unbeknownst to the outside world experiment on surviving Londoners.

Two years later teenage Jack and his younger sister Emily still mourn the deaths of their parents on Doomsday when the siblings, his girlfriend Lucy Anne, their buddy Sparky and true believer Jenna meet Rosemary the elderly healer. The woman calmly says she just came out of London via tunnels as the media and the government lied as to what has happened since the lethal assault. Jenna stabs Jack forcing Rosemary to prove her claim of being a healer. As she heals Jack, Rosemary explains there are other survivors who like her are gaining extrasensory powers. Jack proclaims that since there is a chance his mom lives, he must go inside to bring her out. His sibling and friends insist on going with him while Rosemary offers to guide them.

The first Toxic City dystopian urban fantasy is a superb conspiratorial thriller as Tim Lebbon establishes his wasteland London with its strange denizen as genuine. Making the Lebbon lure seem real are the reactions of Jack and his crew with awe and fear as they trek the city they no longer fully recognize. Filled with action fans will relish trekking the deadly London Eye wondering what wonder will we next meet.

Harriet Klausner

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