Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Sweethaven Christmas-Courtney Walsh

A Sweethaven Christmas

Courtney Walsh

Guideposts, Oct 1 2012, $1399

ISBN: 9780824931827

The Sweethaven scrapbookers are looking forward to the holidays until each faces a personal issue. At the Grotto for Thanksgiving, Lila notices a woman staring at her while her parents act odd until a few days later she learns the stranger Charlotte is not her dad’s latest lover but his daughter on a mission. Adele finds an old scrapbook on her bookshelf, which reminds her of the boy whose heart she broke years ago; she arranges for them to meet. Campbell panics when she sees Luke holding a ring. Jane feels like the shy overweight tweener when she encounters Lori for the first time in years. Meghan struggles with balancing her singing career with raising her family as Christmas nears.

The latest Sweethaven Scrapbookers’ tale (see Sweethaven Homecoming and Sweethaven Summer) is an engaging drama that rotates perspective amongst the fab five. Although the degrees of intensity and pathos greatly vary, readers will enjoy this entry.

Harriet Klausner

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