Monday, September 24, 2012

The Runner-A Wayne Gill

The Runner

A Wayne Gill

Iron Pillar Media Group, Dec 2011, $8.45


ISBN: 9780979785610

In the Division Three NCAA football semifinals, Ozark College’s Michael Knight catches the winning Hail Mary touchdown thrown by his best friend Todd McBride. In the end zone, he thanks God when he hears the voice for the first time telling him to preach to thousands times ten-thousands. Being the son of a preacher Reverend Jeremiah and Kathryn, he is not as shocked with hearing the Word as he thought he should be. Michael also realizes at that moment when his girlfriend Abby Snow calls him her champion that he loves her. However, not all is perfect in heaven as Michael’s older sister Cindy feels their dad loathes her and despises her biker boyfriend Ramon Sanchez who reciprocates those feelings.

Just after his team loses in the championship game, Michael receives an admissions letter to attend NYU law school over the objection of Abby and his dad. Cindy congratulates him for being the first Knight to leave Ozark Halls, Missouri. His parents pray for him as both the Snow and Knight families believe he heads to Sodom and Gomorrah. As Michael finds the glitter of temptation in Manhattan, Ramon works for Kansas City gangster Raul Diego-Vega. Soon worlds will collide as everything goes full circle for Michael when death arrives and Krytsal Alvarado goes missing.

The Runner is a fascinating Christian character study that focuses on Michael’s journey. The storyline starts slow as readers meet the cast especially the beliefs of the key players. Once relationships are established, A Wayne Gill’s opening act turns into a discerning look at a devout person struggling with temptation at a time when the world of his loved ones and him spin mysteriously out of control.

Harriet Klausner

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