Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Melody Lingers On - Mary Higgins Clark

The Melody Lingers On
Mary Higgins Clark
Simon & Schuster, Jun 23 2015, $26.99
ISBN 9781476749112

Just when his investment con collapses, hedge fund billionaire Parker Bennett vanishes while sailing the Caribbean.  He leaves behind a stunned widow Anne and an equally shocked adult child Eric.  Angry investors who lost five billion and law enforcement believe Parker’s grieving survivors especially his son were partners in his nefarious schemes and perhaps murdered him to distant themselves from Parker if he is even dead.

No longer able to live the lifestyle of the Greenwich 1%, Eric buys a condo in Bergen County, New Jersey for his mom.  They hire Manhattan interior designer Glady Harper to fix up her new home.  When Gladys’s thirtyish assistant and single mom of a five old, Elaine Harmon and Eric meet, each feels an attraction.  While the Feds hound Eric to reveal where his father hides and to confess his own role in the scam; he employs a firm to prove his innocence.  Filled with rage over Parker’s swindle but unable to get even directly; recently widowed Ranger plans to murder Eric and Anne.  At the same time undercover FBI agent Russo becomes Anne’s neighbor.

This is a captivating suspense in which the audience wonders what Parker’s plan is (readers will assume he lives) and if Eric abetted him in his scheme.  Although none of the key players feel fully developed or likable, Mary Higgins Clark’s fans will appreciate her latest thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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