Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dead Dog Like Me - Max Davis

Dead Dog Like Me
Max Davis
Worthy Publishing, Jun 23 2015, $15.99
ISBN: 9781617955242

Megachurch pastor Nick Gregory blames himself that his son Philip committed suicide, his daughter Carlee hates him and his wife Abbi left him because he lost his way.  Adding to his mental disarray, his Grace Life Church flock wants to abandon him as he did them and likewise he believes God did the same to him.  His publisher demands the book they paid a hefty advance and he cannot sleep without nightmares.  Wallowing in guilt and despair, Nick considers joining Philip, but hungry Deuce intervenes with a need for food.  However, not paying attention, Nick runs over Deuce who had the sin of loving him and his family; just one more reason for Carlee to hate him.  Unable to cope Nick drives his Escalade into a cement pylon.

When he awakens, he no longer is in twenty-first century DC; or even in his body.  Instead his mind resides inside King Saul’s crippled grandson Mephibosheth, circa 800 BC.  Mistreated by guards, who bring him to King David, a confused Nick begins seeing parallels between his life and that of his current host, a broken lost soul; leading Nick to think Mephibosheth is a “Dead Dog Like Me.”  That is until he wakes up confused from an induced coma in a hospital.

Dead Dog Like Me is a remarkable Christian drama that looks at how far a person can fall when they lose their way (faith), and seek atonement and a merciful second chance with God, family and believers.  The juxtaposition of Mephibosheth and Gregory make for a captivating tale though more insight into the life of Saul’s grandson would have enhanced the plot; hopefully Max Davis does a sequel reversing who morphs into whom.

Harriet Klausner


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