Saturday, June 6, 2015

Night Tremors: A Rick Cahill Novel - Matt Coyle

Night Tremors: A Rick Cahill Novel
Matt Coyle
Oceanview, Jun 2 2015, $26.95
ISBN 9781608091492

A decade ago in Santa Barbara someone murdered Colleen Cahill.  The media and the police suspected her husband Rick, then a cop.  Though never convicted of any crime, feeling guilty over their estranged relationship before her death, and well aware his brothers and sisters in blue treat him as a pariah they never will be back-up, Rick resigned.  He became a La Jolla private investigator working for former LJPD detective Bob Reitzmeyer mostly handling cases in which clients seek proof of cheating spouses.

Eight years ago, then eighteen year old Randall Eddington was convicted of bludgeoning to death with a golf club his parents and sister.  However recently new evidence has surfaced that challenges the proof the San Quentin resident killed his family.  Randall’s septuagenarian paternal grandparents retain attorney Timothy Buckley and want Rick to verify the validity of the new information.  Knowing he may lose his PI job due to his boss’ law enforcement connection and believing the young man committed the violent massacre; Cahill takes on the case when he learns La Jolla Police Chief Tony Moretti led the Eddington carnage investigation.

The second Cahill mystery (see Yesterday’s Echo) is a tense hard-boiled noir that grips readers from the moment the emotionally damaged sleuth takes on the case.  Loaded with suspense within a dark atmosphere, Matt Coyle authors a gritty detective thriller with an astonishing finish.

Harriet Klausner

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