Thursday, March 12, 2015

Til Summer Comes Around: Adventures in Amethyst - Karen Wiesner

Til Summer Comes Around: Adventures in Amethyst
Karen Wiesner, Feb 12 2015, $13.95; Writers Exchange E-Publishing
ISBN: 9781312373792

In Amethyst, Wisconsin, Quinn Rutledge and Summer Rosales meet for the first time near Lake Amethyst.  Over the summer they fall in love.  As their vacation ends, Quinn and Summer make pledges to each other before going their separate ways.  However, over the next few years, Summer failed to return as promised, breaking Quinn’s heart as he waits for her.

Unbeknownst to Quinn, just before Summer headed off to law school, as a lark her best friend wealthy Apple Wooten committed a theft of an expensive diamond bracelet.  However the police arrest Summer as Apple knowing she was seen dumped the jewelry in her friend’s purse letting her take the fall.  Convicted, while in prison another inmate assaulted her; causing her to lose Quinn’s baby and scarring her face.  Released due to Apple’s belated confession to her parents, Summer finally went to law school.  Now she returns to Amethyst where she assumes the love of her life will not be there and if he is Summer fears she cannot deal with his certain rejection; unaware of his heart’s obsession and writer’s block.

With a nod to the classic Cary Grant-Deborah Kerr An Affair to Remember, the fifth Adventures in Amethyst (see Adventures in Amethyst Series Collection, Volume 1 (Books 1 – 4)) is a delightful second chance contemporary romance.  Readers will root for the warm lead couple to make it; while booing the amoral 1% Wooten siblings (Summer was married to Apple’s brother Clay).

Harriet Klausner

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