Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Royal Heirs Required - Cat Schield

Royal Heirs Required
Cat Schield
Harlequin Desire, Mar 3 2015, $5.25
ISBN: 9780373733729

Heir to the throne of Sherdana, Gabriel Alessandro knows whomever he weds must meet the principality’s highest criteria expected of a royal First Lady.  He knows his best choice is scandal-free Lady Olivia Darcy, but her prim and proper demeanor reminds him of his four year heated affair with passionate Marissa Somme and what he must sacrifice.

An attorney arrives at the palace to inform Gabriel that Marissa recently died from cancer and he has almost two year old twin girls (Karina and Bethany) that his late lover never bothered to tell him existed.  At the same time, his fiancée knows she must undergo surgery if she is to give him an heir.  Olivia meets the runaway sisters; fires their nanny; and takes them into her room to eat ice cream and sleep.  Gabriel arrives to take his first look at the toddlers and realizes they are his; as they look like his sister when she was an infant.  He also marvels at how caring his future wife is towards someone else’s children.  As Gabriel and Olivia fall in love, he must convince her that she is his only one instead of as she believes the late mother of his kids.

The first (of triplets) Billionaires and Babies: The Sherdana Royals is an enjoyable contemporary romance due to a fully-developed cast.  Character driven by the lead couple and skillfully supported by the twins, their families and others; Royal Heirs Required is an outstanding opening act.

Harriet Klausner

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