Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Adventures in Amethyst Series Collection, Volume 1 (Books 1 – 4) - Karen Wiesner

Adventures in Amethyst Series Collection, Volume 1 (Books 1 – 4)
Karen Wiesner, Feb 2 2015, $12.99; Writers Exchange E-Publishing
ISBN: 9781312845701

“A Rose for Romeo.”  The recognized guru of everything sexual in spite of her personal commitment phobia, Dr. Mindy Rose is burned out on the demands everyone makes of her.  Needing escape from her celebrity life, Mindy using her real name Melina and returns to Amethyst, Wisconsin planning to buy property but her sister’s former boyfriend Scott "Romeo" Romero already purchased it. 

“Revenge in Amethyst.”  With her Mindy persona apparently on permanent hiatus, pregnant Melina and Scott plan to marry.  The townsfolk for the most part are happy with one jealous exception.

“Reckless Rose.”  Melina’s realtor sister Lona has a deserved bad girl reputation in Amethyst.  However, since she and Reece Childs fell in love, Lona tries to overcome her ill-repute status, but many townsfolk refuse to give her a pass.

“Christmas in Amethyst.”  Nine months has passed since Melina gave birth to a girl and Lona now is carrying.  Scott’s cousin single mom Sheila Mason pays for the mistake she made with Travis Dannon that shaped her life by giving her beloved five year old son Devlin.  Her child comes before her undeserving dreams of a second chance with Police Officer Jeb who also wants a do-over with his love to include “their” Dev.  Someone else has a different ending in mind for Dev’s mom than a puppy for her son on Christmas Day.

These reprints of the awesome Adventures in Amethyst dramas contain diverse fully developed females dealing with personal crisis, but also supported in differing ways by their men.  This is a splendid anthology with a new tale (see Til Summer Comes Around) just released separately.

Harriet Klausner

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