Friday, September 5, 2014

The Savior-Tony Daniel and David Drake

The Savior
Tony Daniel and David Drake
Baen, Sep 2 2014, $25.00
ISBN 9781476736709

Zentrum the all mighty God of the Duisberg was a supercomputer before civilization imploded.  Interpreting his programming to keep people safe in spite of themselves, over the centuries Zentrum using its devout supporters controlled change to insure the planet remained in Stasis; ergo avoid repeating the great collapse.  However, the intellectual and brave periodically push the envelope so far before Zentrum reacts by releasing the terrorist Blood Winds barbarian horde to cleanse and purify society.

Encouraged by those two entities (the ancient legend of planet Bellevue General Raj Whitehall and Bellevue’s supercomputer Center) who made him their Chosen by sharing his brain; Major Abel Dashian understands that Zentrum must die as the first step to free his people.  However, even with a military legend and a supercomputer advising him from within his mind, Dashian has doubts about killing a super god seems impossible and if by a miracle successful, he still must lead his docile people against the gory warriors of the Blood Winds.

The well written 10th David Drake General (and 2nd collaborated with Tony Daniel) military science fiction is a gripping action-packed sequel in which the audience should read The Heretic first to learn how a small boy became the rebel leader.  The “triad” is well conceived, but the improbable fighting skills and non-blinking acceptance of advance technology by Dashien’s supporters seem over the top of Olympus Mons (think of the boomer horde original misadjusting to the initial spread of 1980s desktops) though very entertaining.

Harriet Klausner

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