Thursday, September 18, 2014

Frozen Heart, Melting Kiss-Ellie Darkins

Frozen Heart, Melting Kiss
Ellie Darkins
Harlequin Romance, Sep 2 2014, $5.99
ISBN: 9780373743070

Rachel begged Maya Hartney of Maya’s Delight to cater the Appleby and Associates gala.  Maya’s greatest sensation is to watch people go orgasmic over her food.  So when, Rachel’s boss Will Thomas treats her gourmet spread like fine junk food, she’s hurt by his reaction, one that she never had before.  As she leaves, Maya realizes his treatment of her reminds her of her parents quick to write her off.  However, his boss Sir Cuthbert Appleby lectures him for whatever he did to hurt Maya and demands he take time off before he burns out; threatening to end the pro bono work Will does for the worthy Julia House.

Will visits Maya at her house to persuade her to change her mind and cater the office dinner; she adamantly refuses as his descriptor “fine” is not good enough for her to cook the meals.  He offers to be a student in her one-week cooking, but since that is filled she counters with one-on-one lessons.  As they cook, kiss and fuss, the caterer and the workaholic fall in love.

This culinary romance is an engaging jocular contemporary.  The student fears heart-felt personal relationships and the instructor’s only previous passion has been cooking culinary delights for appreciative people.  Ellie Darkins bakes a warm (can’t use fine in order not to alienate Maya) contemporary.

Harriet Klausner

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