Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Beyond The Moon-Michele Hauf

Beyond The Moon
Michele Hauf
Harlequin Nocturne, Sep 1 2014, $5.75
ISBN: 9780373009282

In 1870s Clichy, France, fifteen year old Verity Van Velde the witch witnesses as her mother Amandine, betrayed by her witch hunter lover, screaming in pain while a mob rejoices her burning at the stakes.  A century and a half later residing in Paris, Verity still distrusts males. 

Also in Paris, the Order of the Stake sends top knight Rook to end the murderous spree of the Zmaj tribe and their leader Slater; who recently turned rogue with many marked kills that have brought unwanted attention to the secretive vampires.   When four vampires attack Verity, Rook intercedes and rescues her.  As they work together to end the killing spree, the vampire knight and the witch fall in love; but she distrusts all males after watching her mom’s horrifying death and he fears that undesirable feeling after what happened centuries ago.

The second In The Company of Vampires romantic urban fantasy is a thrilling Parisian tale that provides readers with a unique glimpse of the City of Lights.  The protagonists are a nice pairing of cross paranormal species who share in common love and doubts, which make their relationship somewhat similar to the stars of the equally engaging The Vampire Hunter. 

Harriet Klausner

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